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Step Into Your Power Now: The Boundaries That Will Attract Him To Your Heart

Imagine stepping into your power and creating the relationship with your most aligned partner. How do you want to feel in that relationship? What are you willing to accept and not accept in that relationship? You have the ability to teach a man who is pursuing you how to treat you. THIS is your power. By setting boundaries you are teaching a man how to treat you. When you have boundaries you are the most attractive to a man. He’s actually looking for a woman who values herself enough to put those in place. Why? Because establishing boundaries is a critical piece of information in the first three months of dating. It shows you respect yourself. A high value woman will not be hesitant to begin

How To Get Your Flirt On Like Julia Roberts

In your world as a smart, successful professional woman chances are if you want anything - you have to make it happen, right? Right. I get it. If you want your bathroom re-modeled to showcase the latest interior design trend it falls on you to get it done. You have to do the research, interview the contractors, pick the tile and the fixtures down to just the right shade of eggshell white. There’s no one else to make these things happen but you. My client, Amanda, 49, an accomplished entrepreneur, has used these same ‘let’s get it done’ traits to make her business the success that it is today. I admire her tenacity. She couldn’t understand why these same traits that had made her successful in

5 Tips to Get From the First Call to First Date Quickly and With Finesse

In the early 2000s I was skeptical of online dating even though I had some friends who were trying it out. Not to mention the frequent stigma of meeting someone online kept me from signing up. Finally, after enough testimonials from these same friends I decided to give it a try. Here’s what happened on my inaugural attempt at meeting the love of my life: If I received an email from a guy who sounded reasonably smart, kind and sweet I was excited. If he was creative and we shared common values? Ding, ding, ding! I would then engage in lengthy email exchange because I wanted to see how he expressed himself in writing. This is important, after all because I write a lot. The guy should absolutel

The Reason Your Checklist Doesn't Work

We all know at least one person whose real life success story backs up the claim that the person’s relationship and/or marriage started with meeting on an online dating site. As mainstream as it’s become, online dating has led to a flaw in how people date. It’s not the medium itself, however, it’s what people do with online dating sites. The flaw is that the characteristics that make a person compatible with you are not evident on an online dating profile. Writing that you’re nice, kind, smart and like biking, traveling and journaling is a list of adjectives and interests. Interests don’t keep a couple together if they can’t get along. What makes a good match is values, long term compatibili

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