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5 Reasons To Say Yes in the New Year and Why They Matter

I have learned that if you think too much about anything, you’ll never do it. Why is that? Because there are always plenty of reasons to fear what could happen. There’s no shortage of the downside to any new direction. You might worry about: What if he doesn’t like me? What if I don’t find anyone? What if I get hurt again? What if it’s too late for me? What if I had the love I was supposed to have and now it's over? What if I’m not healthy enough? But, what If you had the same thoughts in a different way? What if you lightened it up and said, “Hey, what could happen?” What if I do find love? What if love finds me? What if I am happy? What if it all works out this time? As a human, you’re the

8 Gifts That Will Lead You To Love

'Tis the season of giving and receiving and, I believe your love life deserves a present! I’m a fan of extreme self-care as a way to attract love from the inside out. Doing things that bring you joy is extreme self-care. I wonder how you’ll be giving to yourself? You buy gifts for everyone else, why not get something that will actually help you find relationship happiness? But, what should you get? Here is a list of fun and helpful gifts for your love life: 1. Take a vacation day just for YOU. Don't use all of your days off on family activities or doctor appointments. Take one for YOU on a random Tuesday or Thursday, and plan your ideal day. Take yourself out to lunch and sit at the bar. Loo

What You Can Learn From Steve Jobs About Which Online Dating Sites To Use

I’m often asked by my clients which online dating sites are the best ones. There a lot of choices plus now there are dating apps. Considering the evolution of technology in recent years it can be overwhelming. You ask, “Which one has the quality men who are age appropriate living in my city? Which one will I get the most responses?” I liken it to asking, “At what gym do you lose the most weight? Is it Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness or Gold’s Gym?” Some gyms do have better equipment and some gyms have slightly different clientele. But, you know and, I know that if you put in your effort any gym is going to work for you. There are slight variations in dating sites. You can put up a free profile anyw

Are you listening? He's telling you who he is from the first date

If you are looking for answers, the best thing to do is pause, get still and listen. Cultivating the ability to listen to our inner wisdom, our heart, our soul, our intuition is perhaps the most important skill we will ever learn. If you simply traded all the time you spend defending why you can't have the life and relationship you desire and instead took up the practice of genuinely listening, your whole life would change. And when you know how to listen to your own wisdom, you then have the ability to genuinely listen to others, instead of waiting for your turn to talk. Listening is the fastest path to connecting with another. It’s also the fastest way to discern a man’s intentions in matt

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