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5 Ways Women Sabotage Dating

If allowed to grow and lead to true love and lasting happiness, very few of us would knowingly wish to sabotage a relationship. There are lots of women, though, who unknowingly sabotage what may have been a great relationship before it ever has a real chance to grow. If you don’t think you’ve ever done this, take a look at these five acts of dating sabotage and ask yourself honestly: “Did I do that?” 1. You blame the circumstances: --there are no good men in my city --good men don't want to date women my age --I intimidate men 2. You're leaking. Leaking that you're desperate to be in a relationship and anyone will do. It's the vibe you're putting out of which you're not even

3 Important Life Questions

For those who know me I have a consistent positive demeanor. I make it a practice of having an attitude of gratitude. It is an extremely rare day that I lament about what may not be going my way. That’s why eight years ago my friends and family became very concerned about me. I was sad for weeks and months. I was not the same Nicole everyone knew. I had no awareness of how sad I had become. I had ended a serious relationship with someone I thought I might marry. Always one to use all my available resources, I sought the help of a therapist. It required me to dig deep. Several months into counseling, I had a mind shift. I began to ask, “Was I alive, vibrant and passionate? Did I make m

The Smart, Successful Woman's Hack to Finding Mr. Right

I’m searching for “the one.” When I find “the one” then I’ll live happily ever after. Imagine searching for a mirror in your purse. You’re digging through to find the one mirror. You know it’s in there – somewhere. After shifting your keys, wallet, and the tube of lipstick around, you find the mirror. Voila! I found it – “the one” – the mirror. Thinking there’s “one” great job, house, dress or romantic partner, as examples, keeps us in a scarcity mindset. In dating, having more than one candidate eliminates the scarcity mindset. However, when a woman has only one candidate, she will prematurely commit to someone she really doesn’t know. She goes in too soon, too deep and cancels out other c

Single On Valentine’s Day: Fall in Love with Someone New

Although Cupid’s intentions are pure, he causes a lot of anxiety each year. Especially for the single crowd. Instead of celebrating love, or the mere possibility of it, Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. “Singles Awareness Day” becomes the most dreaded day of the year for those not spoken for, cluttered with tattered hearts and boxes of tissues. This year, let's switch our mindset and embrace the day with gratitude. Now that I have the viewpoint of being joyfully in love with myself, I can look at this day with a whole new perspective. Here is what I see: Valentine’s Day can be a day of powerful change, a starting point for a new direction. It can be the day you pause, take a look in the mirror

Design Your Vision For Love

I’m always curious about people who say they’ll know when the person they’re looking for in love shows up. Beyond this, they’re not able to articulate the essential qualities or what life with this person would look like. Perhaps this is why they keep going on first dates and fewer second and third dates. Designing a vision of what you want in your life is the first step to manifesting what it is you desire whether it’s in work, a home, a vacation or retirement. But, do you know how to design your vision for love? Consider a vision board as a tool that many use to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. If someone asked you to find a potential partner for him o

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