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Why He Disappeared

When I was in my 20s if the guy I was dating suddenly disappeared I had to have closure. Just like that - he stopped calling. Everything seemed to be going along fine. We were enjoying each other’s company. I was attracted to him. I made myself available when he called to ask me out. I was doing all the right things in dating or, so I thought. I would drive my sisters and girlfriends crazy wanting to talk about why he vanished. I wanted to analyze the last date I had with him to the nth degree to get insight into why he may have faded out of the picture. I never did. Today I’m more mature and experienced in dating and relationships. I have a deeper understanding of men and a higher degr

Why Being Nice Doesn't Lead to Love

It sounds boring, but, the man who is marriage-minded is actually looking for a truly nice woman. Nice is the woman who epitomizes kind, thoughtful and empathetic. She can’t say she’s these things. A man is extracting information from her gestures and comments. It’s how she treats others in small ways which a man observes throughout the course of his dating or relationship experience with her - even when she’s not aware she’s being observed. There’s such a thing as being too nice, though. When a woman gives too much too soon or tries too hard to show a man that she’s the one for him, she’s actually turning him off. Here’s what I mean: In an effort to make the relationship happen, a woman wil

How To Recognize A Conscious Man

If you’re reading this it’s because you want better… Better men, better relationships, better sex… better everything. You deserve the BEST man. An evolved man… A handsome, successful, spiritual, manly man that adores you and genuinely cares about you. But there’s something you don’t know about the evolved, spiritual man… And it could revolutionize the way you think of who the right man for you is… and the way he thinks of you! If you have ever said to yourself: “Why is there no one good enough for me out there?” “I can’t find anyone interesting that I like.” If you have said these things to yourself, I am going to go out on a limb and be provocative by suggesting it is an egotistical place f

3 Tips To Be His Most Memorable Date

Think back to the most memorable date you've had. What made him memorable? Chances are he was engaged, present and interested. It’s as if he could walk into the room and make friends with every person there. Everyone wants to have a great first date. What rarely gets said is that meeting people is only really valuable if they remember you for the positive feeling with which you left them. So, how do you become that memorable first date for him? By being real, by embracing others and by being interested, you can be a memorable date. Here’s how: 1. Get Charged Your attitude is everything when it comes to being a memorable date, so make sure you get it right before you even show up. Make a list

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