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How To Avoid The 3 Dating Pitfalls That Women Fall Into

The world of dating has turned upside down since I first dipped my toe in the internet dating pond. But there are some things that won’t change. By nature and how we are socialized, women fall into traps that make them ineffective daters and relationship partners. Whether you’re dating online (which you should be in order to achieve optimal dating) and/or meeting men organically, it’s in your best interest to be mindful of three big dating pitfalls into which women can fall and how to avoid them. 1. Feeling obligated because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or displease your date. For example, on his online dating profile he lied – a lot; by a decade, by a foot, by posting pictures o

How to Know If Your New Love Connection Has Staying Power

Recently, a client said that she didn't know if the man she was dating would fit in with her dinner club. I sensed she was considering this as a reason to stop dating him. Since we'd worked on a values exercise as part of our coaching, I asked what value that was of hers on which he was stepping. With more thought, she realized it wasn't a value. When you focus on criteria that don't reflect your values, you will spend more time with the wrong person and less time with the right person. Have you ever felt like you wasted precious time dating the wrong person? Second-guessing whether you should give him more time to see if a lasting romantic connection can be difficult. Most women struggle wi

Fairy Tales That Prevent Us From Happily Ever After

Those fantastic fairy tales we grew up with - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and, each with their Prince Charming. Fairy tales are great when we're six years old. As we got older, parts of those fairy tales stuck in our brain and sabotaged what can be possible with an actual human being in front of us. Phrases like "the one," "meant to be" and "happily ever after." As if our handsome prince will save us from boredom, loneliness, and mopping the floor. Women have fallen prey to the fairy tale syndrome, which, in turn, leads to an attitude of, dare I say, entitlement. She says, "I'm entitled to my fairy tale ending. Why would I ever go online to date because all I need to do is wai

5 Unexpected Ways A Woman Inspires A Man to Pursue and Commit to Her

Do you know the qualities that inspire a man to give his heart fully to a woman? To inspire means to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought, etc. When a man is inspired by a woman he will pursue or commit to her, depending on where he is in relationship to her. Here are five traits that a woman embodies that make a man feel inspired: 1. First and foremost, your femininity inspires him. Your openness and receptivity to his gifts automatically puts you in your feminine grace which sends a message that he can win with you. 2. You’re inspired by yourself. In other words, you’re self-developed and whole. You have a well-rounded life, have cultivated interests and are happy with your

3 Boundaries Every Single Woman Should Have

"Whatever you are willing to put up with is exactly what you will have." ~Anon I admit that like a lot of women I have struggled with boundaries in the past. I lacked the appropriate discernment to put fitting boundaries in place with friends, family, co-workers and especially men in love. Ultimately, I did the inner work needed in order to be able to have healthy boundaries. There are certain things and behaviors I no longer tolerate. A boundary indicates bounds or limits. It’s your standard. Not setting boundaries in dating and relationships is the biggest mistake you can make because you teach people how to treat you. You give your power away when you don’t have boundaries. A woman should

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