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What Men REALLY Want From Women

Part of the work I do with my clients centers on attracting more of the right type of man for them by knowing their core needs and values. A client will work through a values exercise to get laser focused on what’s most important to her. If you know what your core needs and values are, you will quickly know when someone has a non-negotiable for you. Hence, the reason the values exercise is so far-reaching. In this way you’ll spend less time with the wrong person and more time with the right person. What you must understand about men is that they don’t spend near the amount of time that women do on identifying their core needs and values to get clear on their most aligned partner. Or, making

Are You Interested or Interesting?

Think back on your last five dates and ask yourself what adjectives your dates would use to describe you. Would they say you were engaged, present, interested? Perhaps you spent time telling your friends and family how he came across on the date. I wonder how you came across? Were you interested or interesting? If you want to know the secret to dating well, it’s maximizing your opportunities to be fully engaged and present during the date - whether you want to see him again or not. Showing sincere interest in another is an act of generosity. If you’re coming across as indifferent on a first date, I think it’s a big mistake to withhold interest. My client, Amy, is a very together and beautif

Want to Captivate His Heart? Do These Three Things Now to Attract The Right Man For You

If you’re like a lot of strong, independent successful women you know how to get things done. You’re doing and achieving all day long. Especially if you’re a single mom - you’re working to create income for your family and, among other things, directing the day to day operations of your home life. Regardless, you’re able to take care of yourself because we live in a society where women are self-sufficient today. In order to be the doer in these times, you have to transition to your masculine side because this is the energy that accomplishes. There’s nothing wrong with using the masculine because we all have a feminine and masculine side. However, what may be holding you back in attracting th

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