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For Men Only

Yes, you can find quality desirable women and have the relationship you deserve.

Thriving in your professional life and lacking in your personal life? I also work with men to more effectively scout, sort and select potential relationship partners.   

Today there are more single people than ever before! And, yes, there are quality women everywhere. I work with men to discover how to easily connect with attractive women, get their phone number and set up dates. If you know the right steps to take from navigating online dating to meeting women offline, it doesn't have to be so daunting. My proven coaching techniques provide a sound partnership to help you discover what's really most important in your life.  We will design a plan to achieve your relationship goals and work to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way. Partnering with you all the way to success! 

Even If You:

  • Are newly single and haven’t dated in years

  • Have a history of dating the wrong women

  • Doubt you can win over the kind of woman you really want

You’ll find out:

  • What women look for when they first meet a man

  • How to let her know you are interested

  • How to impress without over doing it

  • And how to avoid the number one dating mistake most men make today

Imagine How Much Easier Dating Could Be with Access to a Savvy Dating and Relationship Coach Who Understands What It Takes to Win a Woman's Heart.

Women really do want a good man like you. Stop wasting time with the wrong ones.

Private VIP Coaching

I work with a select number of one on one clients to support them in their journey to attracting and finding the right woman for them. My clientle is small and space is limited.

In addition to working on your online dating profile to get more positive responses from women, some of the insights you'll get:

  • Where to find quality women near you

  • How to break the ice and start a conversation

  • How to get her phone number

  • What types of first dates work best

  • What type of behaviors promote self-confidence

You'll feel confident, enjoy more peace of mind about dating and have the skills you need to connect with the right woman for you.

Email Support

If you need support in between coaching sessions, I am available

by email to my private clients.

Online Profile Writing Starter Kit

I work with clients to write their online dating profiles. Including key words and phrases makes a difference in who you attract online - not to mention the right kind of pictures.

  • Half-day profile writing session

  • One 30-minute follow up coaching call

  • Tips on messaging dates

  • Photo Selection

Self-improvement is very attractive to women. Dating and relationships are not about luck - it's about "know-how." That's why working with a professionally trained and credentialed coach will put you on the right track.

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