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Are You Ready For Love?

I was working with a client recently and she commented that she didn’t know when the right time is to try to find love again. I was curious about:

—How long she’s been recovering from the end of her last relationship and;

—If she’s been taking good care of herself and getting help, if she needed it.

The truth is, though, only you know if you are

healthy enough to be ready.

I will say that sometimes, you just have to move on. You have to leave the past in the past and go forward. Decide to take a step in a new direction.

I have learned that if you think too much about anything, you’ll never do it.

Why is that?

Because there are always plenty of reasons to fear what could happen. There’s no shortage of the downside to any new direction.

You might worry about:

What if he doesn’t like me?

What if I don’t find anyone?

What if I get hurt again?

What if it’s too late for me?

What if I had the love I was supposed to have and now its over?

What if I’m not healthy enough?

But, what If you had the same thoughts in a different way? What if you lightened it up and said, “Hey, what could happen?

What if I do find love?

What if love finds me?

What if I am happy?

What if it all works out this time?

Although a simplistic way to express this, I want you to take it very seriously.

This NOT a dress rehearsal.


Don’t sit around worrying about the bad things that could happen. Think about the good things that are possible! Go for what you want.

Because you have just as much opportunity to find love again as you do to fail. So gamble a little and take a chance.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky said it well, “You’ll miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Thanks Wayne – you make an excellent point. If you don’t try, you can’t win.

So if you want to find love again, stop playing it safe and go for it – right now.

The summer season in the Northern Hemisphere is almost here and more singles are out in the hopes of meeting a potential match. Online dating is still the number one way people meet today - no matter the season.

How do you make online dating feel more like real life dating?

This is what I’ve outlined in my Attract Your Man Online Profile Writing Starter Kit. How do you capture the magic of meeting in real life, but, use this medium for it? This is how I help my clients.

What is it costing you to not have the love you want?

Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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