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3 Important Life Questions

For those who know me I have a consistent positive demeanor. I make it a practice of having an attitude of gratitude.

It is an extremely rare day that I lament about what may not be going my way.

That’s why several years ago my friends and family became very concerned about me.

I was sad for weeks and months. I was not the same Nicole everyone knew

I had no awareness of how sad I had become. I had ended a serious relationship with someone I thought I might marry.

Always one to use all my available resources, I sought the help of a therapist. It required me to dig deep. Several months into counseling, I had a mind shift.

I began to ask, “Was I alive, vibrant and passionate? Did I make my life count? Did I love? Did I love openly and honestly and completely with people in my life? Or did I hold back because - like my story - I got hurt?”

When we get hurt, we build up walls to keep out the ‘bad guys.’ At the same time we put on a mask and the ‘good guys’ can’t get in either. In our own self protection we end up blocking the very thing we so desperately desire which is love.

My takeaway was that I survived. My recovery was emotional.

I started putting myself out there: meeting and talking to people; opening up - getting over my own misery.

I decided I wanted to live my life in a more intentional way.

What questions are you going to ask at the end of your life to evaluate whether you were happy with your life? How would you know if you lived a life that was happy, fulfilling, connected and meaningful?

Find the questions you’ll ask yourself. Set up habits and routines and ways of being and interacting with people so that you’re happy with those.

Ask those question every night before you go to bed:

Did I live today?

Did I love today?

Did I matter?

I still have not so great days just like everyone else. We all have the ability to choose the kind of life we want to live.

Everyone has a moment of transition. We either choose better or we sit back and take whatever the world gives us.

We have to decide.

How do you want to live your life?

Post a comment below and I'll meet you.


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