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Do THIS to Get More of the Kind of Relationship You Want From Him

You’re dating a man you’re interested in and you’d like him to call more, send a ‘I’m thinking about you’ text or ask you out with more than a day’s notice.

Maybe you’ve been dating a while and you’d like him to write you more handwritten notes like he did when you first started dating.

Remember that feeling of excitement you had when you got a romantic card in snail mail? Who does that anymore?

What happened? Why isn’t he doing the things you like?

You're so frustrated that you just want to explode and ask him to spend more time, make plans in advance, reach out more to invest in something deeper together.

Before you do that STOP!

One of the great things about men is that their communication style is so much more direct and to the point than women’s.

I’m not suggesting every woman communicates in a fluffy, indirect way because there are exceptions to every generalized statement.

For the most part, though, women communicate with men the same way they communicate with other women.

Guess what?

The reasons you’re not getting more of what you want from him is because:

  • he’s not a mind reader (one of the biggest complaints men have about women is that they think men should be able to read their minds!)

  • you need to tell him

  • it doesn’t call to him

  • his database is not like a woman’s

  • he only understands manglish - the language of men

By doing THIS simple thing it will create deep attraction from him in a way that will make YOU very happy. Because he will start to invest more and more in to you and your relationship.

Only focus on the things that he does that make you happy or like. And tell him it makes you happy.

For example: When he reaches out to you via text, let him know how happy you are to hear from him. When he asks to take you out for dinner on Friday night let him know you are looking forward to it. At dinner let him know how happy you are to be spending time together.

Men are largely motivated by two things, overcoming challenges and WINNING. By making you happy he wins.

Pretty simple, yes?

It is and it works. Men really want to make a woman happy. When he knows what makes you happy and feels gratitude from you, he will naturally want to do more of it. Which will give you what you want, more time and a deeper connection.

HEADS UP, this will happen rather quickly if you are just focused solely on the positive things he does.

Lastly, men want to know what they are doing right. Often times especially in the beginning they are just fumbling around trying to figure out what makes you tick. When he gets the green light from you he makes a mental note of ok that works! I will do more of this.

Believe me, the happier you are, the happier he is. And the more he wants to be around you.

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