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Why Other Women Get Men And You Don't

Have you ever felt as though you’re in a chronic state of singleness?

Or, wondered what it takes to turn up your powers of attraction and make a man fall for you?

I have news for you.

We know that men are first visual and must find a woman physically attractive before he’ll consider asking her on a date.

It’s a physiological fact and you shouldn’t punish a man because of his hard wiring.

Even the most beautiful woman, though won’t inspire a man’s deepest heartfelt commitment with just her looks alone.

While women have an inherent need to look and feel beautiful, we certainly don’t maintain our looks for the sole purpose of attracting a man. Looks can spur a whirlwind romance, but, it’s short-lived without the right mix of ingredients.

So you start demonstrating your womanly superpowers like cooking, sex or picking up his dry cleaning when you find a guy who's a great catch.

This is not why he stays in relationship to a you.

A man stays with a woman because of how he FEELS in her presence.

What makes him FEEL respected, admired and good all around?

Her authentic self.

Authentic - “Real or genuine; not copied or false.”

If it were only that easy.

For a lot of people, their authentic self has been buried deep within because of old wounds, past painful relationships or negative childhood experiences. It’s the reason they’re guarded and fearful of getting hurt again.

Your authentic self is, perhaps, silly, goofy, open and/or a stream of consciousness.

Your authentic self is most notably fully self-expressed.

A woman who is comfortable in her own skin, happy being who she really is and able to appreciate others just as they are is profoundly attractive to a man.

She’s in touch with who she is and believes in herself even when she doesn’t feel confident.

A woman who is being authentic isn’t trying to figure out what a man wants. She doesn’t need to because she’s too busy being herself and not what she thinks he wants.


He’s intrigued and curious. He wants to connect deeper and know more about this woman who is so easy to be with… this woman who isn’t “trying” to prove what a great catch she is.

Becoming authentic and fully self-expressed is the most important thing for you to discover.

What does “being you” look like? Are you fully self-expressed or holding back parts of yourself?

Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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