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6 Reasons to Be Grateful for Being Single

Part of thriving is looking at every aspect of your life with gratitude - including your singleness.

Being single is a choice and there is nothing to fix or rectify.

No one is required to be in a relationship.

An individual should have a fulfilled and incredible life first.

Why? Because it’s only in your singleness that you’re able to become self developed and whole.

It’s a fact: we’re wired to connect with others.

Think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, after physiological (like air, water, sleep, food) and safety needs are fulfilled, people have an innate need for belongingness. This belongingness shows up as interpersonal relationships through friendship, intimacy and family.

There are a plethora of positives to being single. Here are six to appreciate:

1. You are “the one.” Being consumed with every date potentially being “the one” is wasted energy. Why? Because you ARE the one and that’s more than enough.

2. You are the “the love of your life.” If you haven’t fallen in love with yourself first - then a man surely won’t be able to. As the love of your life you’re able to truly understand how amazing you are knowing that you're perfect as you are. The aura you embody as a result increases tenfold.

3. You get to spend your time how you want. There’s no one else to consider but you. That means you get to travel when and where you want, see the movies you want to see without compromise, do nothing on a weekend or dance naked in front of the mirror.

4. You haven’t settled. Because you’ve dated and learned from those experiences, you’re not willing to stay in a relationship for fear of being alone. You recognize that when you release the desperate need to find love - it happens in its own perfect time sequence.

5. You’re the sole decision maker. There’s no one else to consult but you on your life choices. And if you want to change your mind on whim, you can do that, too.

6. You decide with whom you want to spend time. You get to have relationships of choice for the most part. So, they take on a different flavor. You spend more time cultivating community as opposed to couples who can get narrowly focused in their circle of friends.

Being single should be something to feel good about and celebrate! Relish the time now - in the moment.

What do you have to be grateful for in your singleness?

Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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