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Three Types of Women Men Avoid in Dating

There are certain people in life that we all avoid.

Think about your nosey neighbor who knows everything happening on your block whether it’s about someone else's marriage, children or who just bought the house next door to you.

Or, your new co-worker who doesn’t know the meaning of an ‘inside voice’ when he’s talking on the phone. He’s so loud you can hear his entire conversation and he sits two offices down from you!

In dating there are certain types of people that we avoid, too.

Men have very specific types of women from whom they will withdraw and, if you have an awareness that you display any of these behaviors it's likely why he stopped calling.

Even the nicest, sweetest men will avoid these three types of women:

1. Bossy Betty. This is the woman who is pushy, rude, impatient, talks down to people - especially men. She is easily irritated, sour in general and insists on making all the decisions. Suffice it to say that her masculine energy is in full force and very few men find these traits attractive.

Men like strong women, but, not overbearing women. No man likes to feel trampled on whether he’s a CEO or a janitor. After all, we are drawn to others where respect is mutual.

2. Needy Nellie. This is the woman who is insecure and requires constant affirmation that everything in the relationship is alright. She will text the man she’s dating eight times in one day inquiring where he is or what he’s up to. Or, she may call him instead throughout the day seeking the same information.

What you should know about the phone and men is that it’s for a purpose. In other words, most men don’t like talking on the phone for hours at a time. In general, men don’t like to be tangled up on the phone and receiving 37 text messages in a day.

This isn’t to say that you should never talk on the phone, but, don’t create an impression that every time he calls or you call him that it’s going to be an hour long conversation.

A short conversation can be nice, too. He needs to miss you and if you’re in constant contact via text, phone and/or social media, he doesn’t have the space to long for you.

3. Frances Flirt. No man likes to be out with a woman who laps up or seeks out compliments from other men. If you really like your guy and the feeling is mutual deflect the attention you may be getting from another man quickly and elegantly.

Don’t feed into the flirting and certainly don’t take another man’s phone number or business card. Men find it extremely disrespectful. If it’s a genuine nice compliment that you’ve been paid that’s fine. It’s important, though, to be mindful of how you receive such a compliment.

Men will run a mile from these three types of women. Why? Because self confidence and authenticity are the most attractive qualities a man finds in a woman - neither of which is reflected in these types of women.

It goes both ways as women will avoid the same type of men.

What type of man do you avoid in dating? Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.


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