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My Philosophy

Offering women the practical tools and insight they need for success in dating and relationships, my coaching is future focused, collaborative and positive.


With an understanding that it is being in your feminine grace that will attract the right man, I am committed to helping you uncover your most powerful self with men in dating and love.


My unique perspective will be an asset in listening, inquiring, providing insight and offering nonjudgmental feedback to help you make choices to better yourself on a personal level with confidence.  Through the process of coaching and with compassion, I will partner with you to deepen your learning, improve your dating experiences and enhance your quality of life.

My Training
Associate Certified Coach

International Coaching Federation

My Story

My purpose in life is to be of service to others.  Coaching fulfills that purpose in helping women achieve their full potential in dating and relationships. 


As a former human resources executive, I understand the challenges facing women in the business world and how working in such an environment can influence how women approach dating and relationships.  With this personal experience, I can help the modern professional woman successfully navigate the road to finding the right relationship and in dating.     


It wasn't until I left the corporate setting that I came to realize that I had been unknowingly taking away a man's motivation to pursue me in love.  What makes us successful in a business setting doesn't translate to making us successful in romance. With years of dating and personal relationship experience, I truly understand what it means to be wasting time on dates with men that go nowhere.  I read the books, listened to countless relationship gurus and attended their workshops. When I got support with a personalized, customized approach that my girlfriends and family weren't able to provide, my way of attracting the kind of man I wanted in my life changed and opened up new possibilities.   






As a Coach I Do Not

Act as your mother, best friend or therapist

I provide support, guidance and expertise in dating techniques and relationships with compassion and objectivity.


My clients are truly excited about and serious about attracting and finding quality men.  If you have not addressed the anger and grief stemming from a long marriage or relationship, please get the professional help of a therapist first.  


Make decisions for you 

It is your life and you are perfect just as you are!  I will partner with you in providing insight and asking questions that perhaps you haven't considered.

Graduate Certificate, Executive & Professional Coaching

University of Texas at Dallas

BA, Political Science

University of Texas at Arlington

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