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Attract and Keep Your Man: Exclusive VIP Coaching 


I work with a select number of one on one clients to support them in their journey to attracting and finding the right man for them. My clientele is small and space is limited.


In addition to working on your online dating profile, some of the insights you'll get:


Where to find quality men near you

Why you are wasting time with men who flirt or text you, but, won't date you seriously

Why the #1 dating tip for women is to do nothing and stop initiating

Why successful women tell themselves they intimidate men when they really turn them off

How to strike up a conversation with a handsome guy without being aggressive or looking desperate

You'll feel confident, enjoy more peace of mind about dating and have the skills you need to connect with the right man for you.

Email Support

If you need support in between coaching sessions, I am available by email to my private clients.


Online Dating Coaching and Profile Writing


I work with clients to write their online dating profiles. Including key words and phrases makes a difference in who you attract online - not to mention the right kind of pictures.  Included is a half day session to work on your profile together and one additional 30-minute follow up phone session on how to respond to emails, reading between the lines of profiles and emails, the first phone call - do's and don'ts, setting expectations for what "normal" results look like online, texting do's and don'ts and tips on red flags and common pitfalls.   

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