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Three Little Known Ways to Captivate His Heart

If you’re like a lot of strong, independent successful women you know how to get things done.

You’re doing and achieving all day long. Especially if you’re a single mom - you’re working to create income for your family and, among other things, directing the day to day operations of your home life.

Regardless, you’re able to take care of yourself because we live in a society where women are self-sufficient today.

In order to be the doer in these times, you have to transition to your masculine side because this is the energy that accomplishes. There’s nothing wrong with using the masculine because we all have a feminine and masculine side.

However, what may be holding you back in attracting the right man is when you take control of everything. This is what drives men away in dating and relationships.

By doing these three things you’ll attract more of the right man for you.

1. Be the feminine. You think you’re feminine already with your affinity for pretty things like flowers, wearing dresses and getting your hair and makeup done. Be the feminine in the context of attracting the alpha male that so many strong, independent successful women want means to get into the state of receiving and being relaxed.

How can you transition to the feminine so that you are the gracious receiver of a man’s gifts in matters of the heart?

Think about what brings you joy. Maybe it’s music, dance, yoga practice or taking a bubble bath.You know what gets you to a relaxed state so that you can show up as the best version of you.

2. Surrender to your man. Stay with me. You may be thinking to surrender feels weak but, as an example, consider the dance of Tango. In this dance, the man is the leader. If the woman doesn’t follow the man’s lead in the dance, the woman will, without fail, step on the man’s feet. There will be no flow to this intended graceful dance and neither you or he will enjoy the dance.

The same can be applied to a man’s pursuit of you in love. To surrender does not mean to be submissive or weak, it simply means to oblige the man to take the lead in initiating contact with you, making the plans and paying for the date. These are all ways that allow the masculine to show up in relationship to the feminine.

You are actually empowering yourself and your man when you surrender to the masculine during these times.

3. Know who you are, what you bring to the relationship and that you’re the prize. When you know your self-worth and understand how amazing you are, the way you behave and the way you speak starts to work differently - your vibe organically starts to change.

This is a very different feeling and “vibe” than trying to impress a man and convince him that you’re a great catch. Knowing the high value woman that you are, you’re mindful of giving too much too soon in dating because men want to naturally work for you as the prize.

What are you willing to let go and cultivate in order to attract the right man for you?

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