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6 Signs of a High-Quality Man

You want to meet a high-quality man. But, would you know him when you see him?

If you have a history of focusing on things such as must have a college degree, earn a certain income and be at least 6' in height as examples, it's an indicator that you’ve likely missed countless opportunities to meet a high-quality man.

In your journey to find your most aligned partner, focusing instead on these six attributes will lead you quickly to the high-quality man you deserve.

1. He’s consistent. A high-quality man’s words match his actions. If he says he’s going to do something like call you on a particular day and time, he does it. You can count on him. He is a man of his word.

2. He’s committed to personal growth and development. He’s spiritual, open-hearted and works on himself. He has purpose beyond his work. He’s a man that’s working on his skills, improving his craft and pursuing his passion. He’s learning, growing and always evolving.

3. He’s open and honest about himself. He enriches his mind, has spent time figuring himself out and achieving goals, he’s got a good idea of who he is and the journey he’s on.

4. He inspires you to grow and improve yourself. He’s not afraid to encourage you to do better and expand. He wants you to enhance yourself because he knows that self-improvement and growth is the only way to feel fulfilled with your own life.

5. He appreciates you. A man of quality isn’t going to date a woman that he doesn’t appreciate. And, this goes beyond your looks. Whether it’s your independent nature, your work ethic, your growth minded way of thinking or your positive outlook on life, he’s glad to be with you.

It’s important that when you date a man, you don’t change your way of living. You should always be moving forward with a focus on your own well-being.

A man of quality understands how important this level of independence is and he won’t get insecure or lonely to stop you on your path. He knows how important growth is and he respects this part of you. He truly appreciates you for you.

6. He embodies humility. He’s humble. He lets others sing his praises instead of himself.

It’s only when you know what you want and are willing to give men a chance that you’re able to really recognize, attract and appreciate high-quality men.

What other attributes of a high-quality man do you consider?

Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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