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First Date: How To Know If He's The Right Man For You

When was the last time you interviewed for a job? Perhaps it’s been a long time or, you may be in job search mode now and actively interviewing. The job interview process can be exhausting. It requires research on the company and role for which you’re interviewing and practicing your responses to questions that interviewers may ask. All so that you’re able to present a prepared, thoughtful impression with the interviewers. After all, you’re selling yourself - your brand. The good news is the company bought into your brand and you accept their job offer. How do you really know, though, if the role you just accepted is the best fit for you or that the company culture is a match to your va

Back to Basics: Three Tips to Dating in The 21st Century

You’re a modern woman using technology in most, if not all, aspects of your life. In the business environment you use email, text, video conferencing and software applications to create your documents, presentations and spreadsheets. In fact, if you’re not somewhat adept or familiar with these tools, it’s difficult to be successful in your job. With friends and family, you use some of these same tools and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, perhaps. In dating, at a minimum, email and text are at the forefront of communication – especially, if you’ve embraced on line dating. These same tools have changed the way a man pursues his romantic interest. It has also blurred t

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