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5 Ways Women Sabotage Dating

If allowed to grow and lead to true love and lasting happiness, very few of us would knowingly wish to sabotage a relationship.

There are lots of women, though, who unknowingly sabotage what may have been a great relationship before it ever has a real chance to grow.

If you don’t think you’ve ever done this, take a look at these five acts of dating sabotage and ask yourself honestly: “Did I do that?”

1. You blame the circumstances:

--there are no good men in my city --good men don't want to date women my age --I intimidate men

2. You're leaking. Leaking that you're desperate to be in a relationship and anyone will do. It's the vibe you're putting out of which you're not even aware. It is a man repellent.

3. You're tossing him back too soon. There's no way to tell if someone is a match on a first date. Unless he's told you that he deals crack cocaine for a living, going out with him at least three times before making such a decision is a good rule of thumb.

First dates are nerve racking for many, so, give him the benefit of the doubt. You could be missing out on a quality man just because sparks didn't fly; which on a first meeting is unrealistic. 4. You're being too open with your baggage. Oversharing is a date killer. I encourage you to go with an open heart and let your guard down. But, no one wants to hear someone's autobiography on a first, second or even third date.

5. You pursue him. You snatch the pursuer role. Some men will tell you that they like being pursued. That's because it's easy, fun and they don't have to do ANY work to win you over. You should know that it's fleeting because he'll get bored and move on. A woman's lack of success in dating has very little to do with the men she dates. Instead, it has to do with how she approaches dating. The common denominator in her dating experiences is herself. It is her self-worth that reveals itself in all of these sabotaging ways. You see I used to make these same mistakes until I recognized my part in the process and got support with a personalized, customized approach that my girlfriends and family weren't able to provide. As a result, my way of attracting the kind of man I wanted in my life changed and opened up an abundance of new possibilities. I can help you do the same.

How have you sabotaged dates?

Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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