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8 Gifts That Will Lead You To Love

'Tis the season of giving and receiving and, I believe your love life deserves a present!

I’m a fan of extreme self-care as a way to attract love from the inside out.

Doing things that bring you joy is extreme self-care.

I wonder how you’ll be giving to yourself?

You buy gifts for everyone else, why not get something that will actually help you find relationship happiness?

But, what should you get?

Here is a list of fun and helpful gifts for your love life:

1. Take a vacation day just for YOU. Don't use all of your days off on family activities or doctor appointments. Take one for YOU on a random Tuesday or Thursday, and plan your ideal day.

Take yourself out to lunch and sit at the bar. Look around, smile at three men. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Practice opening yourself up a little. The first step to figuring it all out is to take the time to actually figure it out.

2. Get a cup of holiday-flavored coffee and enjoy it with a happily married friend. Spend some time talking about what you are looking for in a man and a relationship. Ask her how she found her man and what she does that keeps them happy. Write down what you learn.

I've found that it helps to talk with someone to start to articulate what you want your love life to look like. And it’s good to get tips and a little reality check from someone who has what you want.

3. Build your boyfriend-finding community by telling 2 or 3 people you admire that you are looking for someone special. Let them know that you are ready to find your forever love and you admire them, are sure they have quality friends, and just want to put the word out that if they know anyone special to think of you.

Think of it as networking for love! People love to help and to match-make, so you are giving them a gift too.

4. Get yourself an appointment with a makeup artist. Have her or him update your makeup routine and give you an easy day look and an evening/date look. Keep the chart they give you by your mirror for easy reference on how to re-create your look. And for easy date prep!

5. Buy yourself something new for your wardrobe that will make you feel first-date ready. A wrap dress in a vibrant color (not black). Remember, on most dates you are seen primarily from the waist up, especially if you're on one via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype these days, so spend your money enhancing that area. Earrings, necklace, new lipstick. You get it.

6. Make room in your life for love. Literally. Hire a professional organizer, or just read a book and purge away.

If you make physical room in your space for someone to move in or make it easier for you to move out, it is so much likelier to happen.

Manifest your future. When your house is uncluttered, your mind will be uncluttered, too.

7. Upgrade your online profile photos. Anyone who works with me privately knows I insist on professional photos. Lighting is everything. So get those selfies off your profile and do it right!

In my Online Dating Coaching and Profile Writing program, I give you very specific suggestions for profile photos that will attract the right kinds of men. And you will learn why some of the photos on your profile are inadvertently turning men off.

8. Speaking of profiles…..Please grab a space in my Online Dating Coaching and Profile Writing program. I will support you through the process of either writing a new profile or spiffing up your current one. You will learn to create a unique profile that is appealing and reflective of the best you. And attracts exactly the kind of man you want. It's how I've helped many clients.

Remember, If you want to find your forever love, you need to know how to do it :).

Did you know that those same dating sites and apps you've been on or heard about will experience another 30% surge in new subscriptions in January? It seems that a new year’s resolution for many is finding a romantic partner.

What gift will you give yourself? Post a comment a below - I'd love to know!

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