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Fairy Tales That Keep Us From Happily Ever After

Those fantastic fairy tales we grew up with - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and, each with their Prince Charming. Fairy tales are great when we're six years old. As we got older, parts of those fairy tales stuck in our brain and sabotaged what can be possible with an actual human being in front of us. Phrases like "the one," "meant to be" and "happily ever after." As if our handsome prince will save us from boredom, loneliness, and mopping the floor.

Women have fallen prey to the fairy tale syndrome, which, in turn, leads to an attitude of, dare I say, entitlement. She says, "I'm entitled to my fairy tale ending. Why would I ever go online to date because all I need to do is wait? I don't need to put any effort into dating." The fairy tale syndrome continues to prevent us from living a happily ever afterlife because these phrases are in our conversations. For example, some women will discount a man if there are no sparks or chemistry on a first meeting, saying, "It's not meant to be." I'm not suggesting that a woman should settle. The problem, though, with this in the back of our mind, is that we think he's coming. He'll just show up, and we don't have to do any work. That's not always true for everyone. As further evidence, I have heard some women say, "I don't want to go on any dates. I don't want to do online dating. I just want to meet him." Who you have available to you in the real world is around you. If you work from home as many do today, it's the UPS driver or the checker at Whole Foods. Online dating is where men go to meet women. This is where you have his attention. He's focused on getting a date with you and having a relationship with you. Fact: did you know that online dating sites and apps are experiencing a 40% increase in messaging and video chats at this very moment? Despite some who are hesitating about dating in a post global pandemic world, love is not canceled, and online dating is surging. Taking charge of your dating life can also help you to stay positive in these uncertain times. People are reporting that they're spending more time getting to know a person than they would usually. This shift in digital dating is leading to more meaningful connections and better decisions being made about potential partners.

I'd love to support you by writing a new profile or fine-tuning your current one.

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Sure, you can do this anytime. But, you will start behind, and my personal and professional experience tells me that it means you will lag and give up. Therefore, no standout profile ready for attracting your right match. Just sayin'.

What do you think of fairy tale endings?

Post a comment below, and I'll meet you there.

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