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Step Into Your Power: The Boundaries That Will Attract Him To Your Heart

Imagine stepping into your power and creating the relationship with your most aligned partner.

How do you want to feel in that relationship?

What are you willing to accept and not accept in that relationship?

You have the ability to teach a man who is pursuing you how to treat you. THIS is your power.

By setting boundaries you are teaching a man how to treat you.

When you have boundaries you are the most attractive to a man.

He’s actually looking for a woman who values herself enough to put those in place.


Because establishing boundaries is a critical piece of information in the first three months of dating. It shows you respect yourself.

A high value woman will not be hesitant to begin setting boundaries from the onset with a man.

This includes from the first communication. If you’re afraid of how he might respond or that he’ll go away, check in with your self-worth. If he does balk at what feels comfortable and acceptable to you, he’s not the man who will cherish or adore you.

Here are three boundaries that every high value woman has:

1. Sex is not your currency:

A high value woman requires an exclusive, committed monogamous relationship before becoming sexually intimate with a man. Just because he buys you dinner or a gift does not mean you owe him sex.

Unlike a man who bonds with a woman through experiences with her, a woman bonds with a man through the release of the hormone oxytocin during sex. In other words, it’s not going to make him feel connected to you or that he’ll want to make your his girlfriend as a result of having sex.

More importantly, by not requiring an exclusive, monogamous relationship, as well as, insisting that both of you get checked first, the risk of STDs is too great.

2. The space in between:

You’re excited about the great connection you have with the guy you’ve just met. In the beginning stages of getting to know someone being together “all the time” isn’t always a good thing.

It’s necessary to the health of your relationship that there is time apart from each other. It’s important that you have time to yourself and with your friends. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell him that you need space or feel trapped to spend all your time with him.

3. Age of the digital:

How, where and when your relationship shows up on social media and other technology is another boundary that needs to be addressed. What will be your rules around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texting and the like?

Do you post your relationship status?

Is it okay to friend or follow each other's friends?

When is it okay to text each other and what is the expectation for when you return it?

Is it okay to use each other’s devices?

Is it okay to post, tweet or comment about your relationship?

You need to feel safe in relationship to your new guy and so does he. Forming boundaries up front is how a high value woman stands out from the crowd.

What boundaries have you put in place to establish yourself as a high value woman?

Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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