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Bounce back from heartbreak: 9 tips to get your groove back again

Maybe you saw it coming or maybe you didn’t. The loss of a relationship, regardless of who initiated the breakup, is a loss.

It doesn’t make it any easier except that sitting in front of the TV and eating pints of ice cream is pointless.

There’s no time like a heartbreak for a total life renovation!

1. Don’t stay friends. Many people think it’s a good idea to stay friendly with their exes. However, staying friends with your ex may perpetuate your positive feelings for your former partner and your desire to reunite. In turn, you never have the chance to fully recover which keeps your heart closed when the right man does come along.

2. Fill up your calendar. This is the time to make plans with your girlfriends, sign up for that photography class you’ve been wanting to take or start volunteering at the local SPCA.

3. Start a new work out regime. Yoga, pilates or kickboxing can be just the outlet you need to release your built up emotions. Taking care of yourself physically has countless benefits like the reduction of stress, depression and overall mental health.

4. Spend time outdoors. Being close to nature, fresh air and sun can clear your head which is what you need at this time especially. Riding your bike, taking a walk or hike on a local trail can do wonders for your overall demeanor.

5. Allow yourself time to cry. Crying is a stress reliever and cathartic. Tears actually remove toxins from your body that build up courtesy of stress. They are like a natural therapy or massage session, but they cost a lot less!

6. Don't scheme to get him back — scheme to get yourself back. Get some solid book recommendations, join a meetup group, go on a trip somewhere with a girlfriend. Paint your bathroom. Just do something for yourself.

7. Write him heartbroken letters and never send them. Get it all out — on paper, so as to avoid accidentally sending them.

8. Write the next chapter of your life. Speaking of writing - now is a great time to journal what you want the next chapter of your life to look like. You’re the author of your life. Where are you living? Who will you be with? How will you be living? What will you be doing? How will you get to this next chapter?

9. Accept it. The old saying ‘this too shall pass’ is true. People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Every person who comes your way is bringing you something. Look for the growth from the experience of this relationship.

What has worked for you to bounce back from a heartbreak? Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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