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3 Tips To Be His Most Memorable Date

Think back to the most memorable date you've had. What made him memorable? Chances are he was engaged, present and interested. It’s as if he could walk into the room and make friends with every person there.

Everyone wants to have a great first date. What rarely gets said is that meeting people is only really valuable if they remember you for the positive feeling with which you left them.

So, how do you become that memorable first date for him?

By being real, by embracing others and by being interested, you can be a memorable date.

Here’s how:

1. Get Charged

Your attitude is everything when it comes to being a memorable date, so make sure you get it right before you even show up. Make a list of the things that make you feel excited and relaxed. Anything from memories, to stories, to people, to a bubble bath with Pink Martini Radio playing in the background.

This is your official pre-date routine. No one can go into a date cold and be their best self--and that's the only way to be truly memorable.

2. Offer interesting answers to boring questions

On a first date you're guaranteed to be asked the same basic questions again and again, like “Why are you single?” or “How’s your online dating experience going so far?” But just because someone's opener was uninspired, it doesn't mean your answer has to be.

Instead of going down the path of sharing online dating horror stories (please don’t), think of something positive, unique or funny and give him a one-line summary.

For example, “I’m most interested in getting to know you. What’s something about you that most people wouldn’t know?” In this way, you’re gently re-directing and focusing on your date. Who wouldn’t feel good being asked about who he is as a person?

3. Be Open

Passing judgment quickly is not a way to make new friends, something memorable dates understand. They are able to be open-minded while still being true to their opinions. Here’s how it works.

If you move through the world open to other people’s ideas, you can be unafraid to hear something new. As such, you have stimulating conversations, ask deep questions and gain respect.

Commit to finding three things that you like or find about interesting about your date. When you focus on the positive you feel better and have a better experience.

A first date is too soon to know if there’s a love connection, but, it’s never too soon to meet another valuable human being.

Being memorable is something that you can control. It is about your mindset and attitude and knowing YOU are worth remembering.

What made your most memorable date? What did he do or say?

Post a comment below and I'll meet you there.

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